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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Blooper Fixes

Here are the best fixes for the bloopers in last week's blog post.
  1. My first TOEFL score was 42.
  2. It's easy for university students to clean the university.
  3. You can easily remember the place.
  4. Studying at an MBA program is expensive.
  5. It's difficult for some students to see the screen.
  6. Playing this game is a good way for students to learn the concept of time.
  7. It makes kids bored. OR: It's boring for kids.
  8. It's easy for the customer to imagine how to use it.
  9. His advice made it easy for freshman to catch up to the rest of the class.
  10. Blue fin tuna is a popular kind of fish for sushi.
  11. It was hard for him to find the information in the library.
  12. They can easily meet other students.
  13. There were 80 to 90 students in his classes.
  14. He met his classmates.
  15. People travel from all over the world to Tokyo.
  16. It's dangerous for the females.
  17. It's easy for the squirrels to escape from the predator.
  18. ???
  19. The cost is high. OR: It's expensive.
  20. It is hard for him to finish his homework.
  21. The children and I had fun.
  22. I disliked English class.
  23. She has a date with her boyfriend.
  24. She made a promise to her boyfriend.
  25. They discovered how to find food.
  26. It's handy for students to read.
  27. I felt relaxed.
Please use English well!