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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


We've started a very large group of new students in January and February, and we've heard a lot of typical English mistakes in class. Here are some:

  1. First my TOEFL score was 42.
  2. University students can be easy to clean the university.
  3. You can easily to remember the place.
  4. Studying at an MBA takes me a lot of money.
  5. Some students will be difficult to see the screen.
  6. This game makes students easy to learn the concept of time.
  7. It allows kids to get bored. 
  8. The customer is easy to imagine.
  9. His advice made freshman easy to catch up the class.
  10. Blue fin tuna was famous for sushi.
  11. He was hard to find the information in the library.
  12. They can easily to meet other students.
  13. His classes included 80 to 90 students.
  14. He became familiar with his classmates.
  15. In Tokyo, people are coming from all over the world.
  16. A female is dangerous.
  17. Squirrels are easy to get off.
  18. I'd like to use my money every time.
  19. The cost is expensive.
  20. It makes him hard to finish his homework.
  21. The children enjoyed me.
  22. I suffered from English class.
  23. He has a date with her boyfriend.
  24. She made a promise with her boyfriends.
  25. They came to be able to find food.
  26. Students will be convenient to read.
  27. I was out of stress.
Can you fix these? There are a wide variety of errors here, and the solutions most of these problems are discussed elsewhere on the blog.

Please use English well!