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Monday, August 13, 2012

Subject Selection Problems

Here's a quiz for you all. How should you fix the following sentences? All of them are based on problems with "easy," "difficult," or "convenient," and all of them were produced in class.

If someone reminds me, I'll post the answers next week.


1.          I learned how hard to make money is.
2.          My neighborhood is very convenient to live.
3.          Cell phones make me very convenient.
4.          I was easy to prepare for school.
5.          Students are inconvenient to use the tennis courts.
6.          They were convenient for them to live near the factory.
7.          He is hard to study in his room.
8.          The predator is difficult to recognize the lizard.
9.          The primary purpose is to make the students easy to learn.
10.      T-shirts make me easier to play tennis.
11.      She will be a hard time to read in the library.
12.      Students are easy to get hungry.
13.      Students are easy to take a class.
14.      It makes him difficult to go to his part-time job.
15.      The TV makes the students difficult to concentrate on their study.