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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


You studied grammar for 6 years in junior and senior high school. You took Yoshii-sensei's New 文法クラス. You learned complex grammar for GMAT sentence correction.

Question: Should you use that complex grammar on TOEFL speaking and listening?

Answer: No! The more complex your grammar, especially if you use 助動詞, the more mistakes you will make. Here's our sentence from yesterday:
  • My first TOEFL score was 52, so I must study English hard.
The sentence is in the past, so "must" is wrong. You have to use "had to." But why use any 助動詞 at all? This is perfectly fine:
  • My first TOEFL score was 52, so I studied English hard.
It's simpler and conveys the meaning clearly.

Please use English well!