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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jan~June 5 Results

It's been a wild 2011 so far. My students started 2011 very well, with some very good results in January and February, including several SP26 and 28 scores. Several others jumped from 19 to 24. And a few had GOOD-FAIR-FAIR 22-23, which means that they did very well on independent tasks but had listening problems on the integrated tasks.

Then came the earthquake and two months of poor scores. Results from the March 26 test through the May 14 test were bad and in some cases awful. No one reported SP scores of 24+, and only 2 students hit a total score of 100 during those two months. Maybe people had problems concentrating due to general uncertainty and stress; maybe they were just hard tests.

Then came the May 28-29 and June 5 tests, and I am happy to say that we did MUCH better. Lots of new SP23-24 scores and several GOOD-FAIR-FAIR scores. Multiple 105+ total scores and many new personal best scores. This chart summarizes my students' performance in 2011 through the June 5 test:

Top TOEFL Speaking scores are indicated at the bottom of the chart, and the number of students is indicated on the left. The blue lines show the top speaking scores of students who have taken my classes for 2+ months; the red lines show the scores of students who started during Golden Week; the white lines show students who just started in June.

Median score (2+ months of class): 23
Median score (1 month of class): 20
Median score (starting class in June): 18

So far, 31 of my 2012 applicants have achieved total TOEFL scores of 100-110, and there are many more who are scoring in the 90s and should achieve 100 soon. I think 2012 admissions will be as competitive as 2011 admissions because it seems that the number of Japanese at top business schools continues to decline every year, so every point is important.