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Monday, April 13, 2020

Advice: "and so on"

We recommend that you avoid certain words or expressions. One them is "and so on."

There are several reasons to avoid a word or expression:
  1. It's difficult to pronounce and there's an easier substitute.
  2. It has a difficult intonation pattern.
  3. It doesn't have any meaning.
Last week, I recommended that you avoid "various"  because of reasons 1 and 3.

"And so on" checks all three boxes.
  1. "On" is usually mispronounced as オン. That's not correct. It's spelled with an "o," but it's pronounced as アン.
  2. The intonation pattern is the 1-3-2 pattern that Japanese people struggle with.
  3. It doesn't mean anything.
Let's use English well (and avoid some unnecessary mistakes)!