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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

E4TG Listening Seminar

Listening is the most important language skill. It's impossible to score high on TOEFL if you can't understand what you hear. With this in mind, we had our first TOEFL Listening Seminar on September 14, 2014.

It was very successful. 24 out of 24 participants said that they would recommend it to a friend. So we're doing it again next month.

Date: February 15, 2015
Time: 10:00-13:00
Location: E4TG (八重洲)
Cost: ¥4,320 (税込み)
Limit: 20 students

  • Understanding tricky English sounds
  • How to extract the right meaning of expressions
  • How to avoid making wrong guesses
  • Effective ways of practicing outside of class

Instructor: Masako Uehara (上原 雅子):
  • 神田外語大学専任講師・早稲田大学非常勤講師
  • King’s College London (University of London) English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistic 修士課程修了。応用言語学修士。
  • 大学講師。ビジネスセミナー講師。英検面接官。大学・企業にて学生・社会人の英語指導全般に携わる。TOEFLテスト指導はTOEFL対策校および大学にて、大学・MBALaw School留学希望者を多数指導。
  • 著書『頂上制覇・TOEICテスト・スピーキング/ライティング 究極の技術』(20133月 研究社2 
  • 記事掲載『日経ビジネスAssocie 2013 June 賢いTOEIC テスト対策 p.74-79)』
  • 「最強のTOEFL iBT®入門」(コスモピア)
Student comments from the September 14, 2014 class:
  • The teacher taught us useful strategy how to practice listening, particularly “speaking loudly” and “visualizing” is important.
  • She taught how to improve the listening skills in detail.
  • Excellent. Good organized class.
  • Rule/mechanism on how English sounds change
  • A point of view of Japanese, not native speaker
  • Display concrete methods how to practice everyday
  • Can learn new tips to improve listening skills
  • She taught we a lot of useful ways to improve my listening skills
  • The class shows that a practice method for listening. Because I don’t do practice without strategy or stop, it was very helpful.
  • SV is important. Focusing on main sentence. Shadowing is not recommended.
  • Topic about connection of sounds
  • The good point is that she taught us how to practice listening.
  • It was good for me to recognize right process for improving listening skills
  • I’ve never taken a lecture about listening, so it was a good introduction for me.