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Friday, January 25, 2013

2012 TOEFL results

So here are our results from our 2012 students and a comparison of those students to our new 2013 students:

As you can see, the mean and median were both 23 again in 2012 (the blue columns). We had 5 students with a top TOEFL speaking score of 27, and 15 with 26. At the other end, of the five students in 2012 whose best score was ~17, three were starting early in preparation for 2014 admissions.

Based on this, I continue to believe that anyone who has a clear voice (pronunciation) and practices can score 3.0 on all six tasks, for a TOEFL speaking score of 23.

The red columns tell a different story because most of our current students are preparing for 2014 admissions. The median score is 20, and there are a lot of students who are scoring 15-17 as they start my classes. The best scoring students in January all started last year and are near the end of their TOEFL journey.

These numbers are all self-reported. If anything, this chart understates the scores my students achieved. People don't always inform me when their scores have improved.

Congratulations 2012 students. I look forward to hearing your MBA/LLM admissions results.