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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sex problems?

Japanese people struggle mightily with "he" and "she." We recently heard this is class:
  • "He has a date with her boyfriend."
And since so many people don't stop the airflow of their breath, we sometimes get sentences like this:
  • "She made a promise with her boyfriends."
Maybe my students have more interesting sex lives than I thought.

Both of these were said in answers to task 5 (Problem, Solution 1 & 2, Opinion, Reason).

To solve the first problem, keep track of the sex of the speakers. I recommend dividing your notes with a line down the center of the page, and keeping notes on what the woman says on one side, and what the man says on the other. Then only talk about the speaker who has the problem. That way you'll only use "he" or "she" on any given task.

To solve the second problem, you need to work on your breathing. Rebecca Linquist has a 4 part video series on breathing:

Please use English well!