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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pronunciation Classes and Privates

Pronunciation problems are a HUGE issue for Japanese, even for some 帰国子女. I think E4TG is the only TOEFL preparation school in Japan to hire speech-language pathologists (言語聴覚士) to teach pronunciation classes.

I am more than happy to introduce students (even students not taking the regular TOEFL speaking classes) to these three speech-language pathologists:
  1. Brian Walker teaches group classes at E4TG on weekend afternoons. The classes are 3 hours/week for four weeks, limited to 5 students, and include intensive practice in-class and practice exercises at home. ¥45,000/4 weeks.
  2. Sandrine Wu teaches private lessons at E4TG, usually on Tuesday night and Sunday morning. You can focus on your specific problems with her. ¥12,000/hour; ¥6000/30 minutes.
  3. Jennifer Tarle provides on-line accent reduction. She's worked with many students in the past. We hope to bring her to Japan next spring for some special classes.

Pronunciation classes with a speech-language pathologist can't turn you into a native speaker overnight, but they are the best way to improve your English pronunciation. Please contact me if you are interested.

Please use English well!