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Monday, June 25, 2012

I'll just leave this here.

We had awesome results on the 6/17 TOEFL test. Congratulations to the 7 students who got 100 for the first time and the 3 students who got 110+. Special congratulations to the student who got 115!

Here's an interesting phenomenon: 16 of the 75 current E4TG students (about 80%) are women. On the June 17 TOEFL test, 3 of my students got 26 on the speaking section for the first time, and all of them were ... women.


I'm not sure. My records show that the median top TOEFL speaking score of my men students is 23 the past two years; the median top score for women is 24. The sample size is bigger than 250 people.

Here's another article on the same issue. I don't think this is a Japanese phenomenon.

Which means you guys need to raise your effort and practice a little bit more!