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Saturday, July 16, 2011

2012 Applicant Results

I thought I'd summarize my 2012 applicants' TOEFL speaking results so future students can know what to expect. If you have a clear voice and don't use templates, you should expect a similar score.

Here are the results of 2012 applicants who have taken my class for at least 2 months (many of the best performers have taken my classes for 6-9 months):

Here are the results of the students who started in June, 2011 (after one month of class):

And here are the scores of the new students in July, 2011 (before taking my classes):

All in all, at least 34 of my 2012 applicants have scored 100+ on TOEFL iBT as of the June 25, 2011 test. The top score so far this year is 110. I have had no 帰国子女 this year.

If anything, the figures above are lower than the real score attained by my students. Some students get busy with GMAT/essays/etc. and don't update me on their score progress after finishing classes.