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Thursday, September 23, 2010

2010 Results thus far

It's been an exciting and busy year, and the results are looking very good. I look forward to starting the first group of 2012 MBA applicants next month.

Here are the results so far this year. This chart includes all 2010 students except those who grew up in English-speaking countries.

This is good, but some students will do better:

1. All new students (blue) should improve, and most of the continuing students in the SP17-22 range can pick up at least a point or two. There are only 5 students this year with severe pronunciation problems.

2. Several people have Good-Fair-Fair (or FGF) SP23, which means that they had one 4.0 and one 2.0. Add details or avoid a Time Management Problem on one of the INT tasks, and they should get SP24. In 2009, the SP24 column moved above the SP23 column in December. That should happen again.

3. Several people with SP24 can make one final push to SP26. Last year, there was only one student with SP26 in September, so we’re already ahead at the high end.